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Share your knowledge with other people by co-browsing the websites together. Simple and easy to use online tool to screen sharing website browsing.

The core benefits of using Co-Browsing service:

  • No need to download or install any software - just share the link with your friends and start online!
  • CoBrowse with your friends and family wherever they are.
  • Absolutely free
  • Available from your computer, laptop, tablet and even smartphone.
  • Safe and secure surfing
  • Built in chat and VoIP conference
  • On-screen highlighting tool

Every web session is secured and safe. We do not collect any logs or history. No cookies stored inside the room. Everything is deleted automatically after the last user leaves the virtual room.


Co browsing is connection using which you can surf the web page with other people at once. Co-browsing enables two or more people located in different locations to interact through the same webpage/browser session with no need for logging-in or downloading or plug-ins.

Co-browsing: How Does It Work?

Online screen sharing applications have been in use for quite some time for business purposes. But, co-browsing makes it possible for every user to cobrowse website together seeing the cursor of another person who is sharing, irrespective of web browser or operating system in usage.

Web Share with Co-browsing

No more need for a screen sharing website, desktop sharing, or external application. Co browsing controls the tab on which the user is asking for help. The best part is you can participate in cobrowsing using any device; conference room display, desktop, laptop, or even your mobile handset. Navigate to any webpage and other users can join you with a co browser connection. It allows peer to peer communication between two browsers. You can additionally combine it with live chat, video chat, or voice call.

Highlight the Important

During co-browsing sessions, one can use on-screen highlighting tools like drawing, highlighting the label, or a field by pointing the cursor to it to attract the attention of the other users to important sections of the website. Surf web together for real-time experience and the human relationship established through a web browser.

Co-browsing allows the users to help or guide each other to make the tricky process clearer and easier. Whether you are cooking, explaining useful services to your parents, students, co-workers, or having a conference call, co-browsing offers the ability for both the participants to interact with each other in a more supportive manner while having individual control.

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